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Trip to Rajasthan (North of India), January 2007

Kalbeliya dress

Going to Rajasthan and having one main purpose: meeting people of the Sapera nomadic tribe -the famous snake's charmers- and learning with them their traditional form of dance, the Kalbeliya dance. In the periphery of the small town of Pushkar, which is close to the desert of Thar, three young woman have taught us their art, have showed us their fabulous dance. During a few days, Sandra, Raki and Sarda were successively dancing, accompanied by parents who are musicians meanwhile we were trying to "copy" them! Thank for sharing with us this priceless knowledge. One night, in their camp, we were invited to dance with them, listening to the pungi's melody (flute-bagpipe) and moving to the riqq's rhythm (tambourine). Thank for this unique experience.

Pushkar Pushkar Pushkar Pushkar Pushkar

On the right hand side, the photos were taken by me. On the left hand side, the photos were taken by Alejandra Weil (, with who I have shared some nice moments during this trip organised by Simona Jovic.

The kalbeliya dance is known in Europe mainly thanks to Gulabi Sapera, called Gulabo in India and Titi Robin. I strongly recommend the book-CD Gulabi Sapera, danseuse gitane du Rajasthan by Thierry Robin and Véronique Guillien (Actes Sud). The DVD called Jivula by Titi Robin (Madoro music) is also very valuable.

The photos below were taken during the beautiful show held in the "cirque d'hiver" in Paris, organised within the Festival Voyage en Tsiganie, on the 11th of June 2005.

Gulabi_Sapera Gulabi_Sapera Gulabi_Sapera

Photos©Christophe Romanin

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