When it is possible, in other words affordable, nothing better than going
to an elected place in order to see, learn and share the dance in its context.

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Trip to Andalusia (Malaga-Grenade), August 2007

Feria Málaga 2007

It is a pleasure to take part in Malaga's Feria, walking along the narrow streets of the city where elegant women wearing long spotted dress, mantilla shawl and peineta are gracefully shaking with their colored fan. It is the opportunity to dance por sevillanas in a vibrant square, to enjoy the music played by a Folk group near the Cathedral or to listen to a bulería in Luis Breva? ?!"s peña.

Chicas de Málaga Niña vestida de azul Peña Luis Breva

Silla Flamenca Folclore Malagueño

Folclore Malagueño tienda flamenca

Talking about Grenade, only two words : charm and "duende"!

Alhambra Los Tarantos Cueva de los Amayas

Trip to Andalusia (Seville-Cordoba), September 2002

Logo bienal flamenco Sevilla 2002

Going to Seville during the bienal de Flamenco is a true delight! I had to opportunity to do such trip in 2002 and my days were so nicely organised: dance classes on the morning, long walks in the city on the afternoon and flamenco shows during the night, in remarkable venues such as La Maestranza or the theatre Lope de Vega.

A real moment of hapiness, enjoying the historical city, stopping in traditional bars and eating "tapas", watching Cristina Hoyos dancing, listening to Enrique Morente offering to the audience a "cante a palo seco" or to El Lebrijano's fabulous voice, walking by the Guadalquivir bank in Triana and, last but not least, dancing "por Sevillanas a la Feria de Otoño".

Triana Triana Monumento al Flamenco

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