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Flamenco Descalzo® -Barefoot Flamenco in English- is an artistic expression synonymous with fusion and synthesis. This dance returns to the flamenco's roots and puts emphasis on Moorish and Gypsy influences. Barefoot Flamenco is a dance fusion which combines, in a creative way -equally driven by intuition and investigation- moves of Flamenco dance, Belly dance and Gypsy dances.

Flamenco Descalzo® is a concept created by Valérie Romanin. It is spread through her teaching (weekly classes, intensive workshops, participation in Festivals), her performances and via this website. Flamenco Descalzo is also the name of the association (law 1901/ France) which offers a structure to some of these activities.

Drawing © Valérie Romanin

Short Introduction

Flamenco Descalzo® -Barefoot Flamenco in English- emanates from a personal desire to move closer Flamenco dance, Belly dance and Gypsy dances. The way it is conceived does not just put together different dance styles nor amalgamate them. On the contrary, its purpose is to explore and comprehend the specific aspects as well as the common aspects of this group of dances, and gradually let emerge a new body language. This new form is not fixed. Barefoot Flamenco is progressively build and modified by every new discovery, learning, gathering. At the beginning, my will to fuse theses dances was strongly stimulated by listening to a music embellished by Andalusian, North African, Middle Eastern and Indian notes. I remain firmly inspired by this "world music" which turns to be an essential accompaniment of Barefoot Flamenco.

Flamenco Descalzo® is a dance. It is also a way of teaching.
A class does not only cover choreography!
Three points are prioritized:
– taking care of the body, through appropriate warms up and mobility exercises for each part of the body;
- being aware of the group;
- revealing skills and sharing knowledge in order to give the student the possibility to build his/her own dance.

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It is important to mention that Barefoot Flamenco requires learning technique. A precise rhythmic work based on hand clapping and foot work also characterizes this original form of dance. Nevertheless, Barefoot Flamenco is essentially a dance of freedom and gives us the possibility of expressing ourselves, expressing feelings through our body moving to the music. It provides us the opportunity of telling a story, our own and intimate story. Barefoot Flamenco has a soul, which is the soul of each dancer who offers his/her dance to share with the people around.

Barefoot Flamenco is expected to remain an unruly discipline, because it appears to be a live mixture, a field of study and practice in perpetual development. It actually belongs to everyone who tastes it and gets pleasure out of dancing it.

Barefoot Flamenco is an open door to the world of dance. So please, feel welcome!
Valérie Romanin

Pau Gargallo
[Pau Gargallo, Gran ballarina, 1929]