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Trip to Serbia, August 2007

Logo Festival Guca

A trip to Serbia in order to learn two kind of dance: Kolo also called Oro and Cocek.
Kolo (or Oro) is a traditional folk dance performed by a group of people, hand in hand, in an open circle or chain dance. Cocek is the dance of the Rroma people living in the South of the Balkan States.
The first five days were dedicating to the dance course organised by Simona Jovic in Belgrade, a pleasant city situated at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers. A city located at the crossroads of Europe where influences from Austro-Hungarian Empire and Ottoman Empire are still visible and sometimes largely detectable.
Then, a three hour trip led us to a small village called Guca where every August the Balkan Brass Band Festival is held. Guca has gained world fame owing to its Assembly of Trumpet Players and each year, a huge amount of tourists attend this music-centered celebration. 3 main prizes are in competition : the best trumpeter, the best orchestra, and the golden trumpet of Dragacevo.


Learning and practising a kolo with our teacher, Mr Dobrosav Grocic

costume traditionnel serbe

Traditional Serbian costumes,
Ethnographic Museum of Belgrade

costume traditionnel serbe
cocek Dancing a cocek enjoying live music played by a gypsy orchestra from Vranje cocek

Danses du Montenegro

Folk Dances from Montenegro performed in Guca

Orchestre de Demiran Cerimovic

Demiran Cerimovic Orchesta, winner of competition: Best Orchesta in 2006 and 2007!

Fanfare de Guca Fanfare de Guca Fanfare de Guca

Brass band, Brass band everywhere...

To know more about Guca Brass Band Festival, I recommend the film called "Guca" directed by Milivoj Ilic (Serbia 2006). Interesting website: and also

Gu? 0a, le film

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