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Barefoot Flamenco at International Dance Festivals

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20-22 January 2012
Paris, France

Held in Paris, the BellyFusions Festival is dedicated to fusions with oriental dances. It offers an eclectic programme of dance workshops over 3 days as well as two unique shows.

Information and bookings: web|www.bellyfusions.com

Festival BellyFusions

MAJMA Dance Festival
2-4 March 2012

Held in the mystical town of Glastonbury, Somerset (UK)

Performance at the Friday Gala Show, starring Majma's 2012 teachers.
Three thematic dance workshops during the weekend.

Information and bookings: web|www.majmadance.co.uk

logo majma

The Tribal Gathering
22-24 June 2012
York, UK

Performance at the Saturday Gala Show, starring the TG's 2012 teachers.
Two thematic dance workshops during the weekend.

Information and bookings: web| www.thetribalgathering.co.uk

The Tribal Gathering

Settimana delle Danze Orientali
6-8 July 2012
San Lo' Studios, Rome

Thematic dance workshops, performance and conference.

Information and bookings web| www.sanlo.it

Settimana delle Danze Orientali

Barefoot Festival
27-29 July 2012
Prestwold Hall, North Leicestershire, UK

Two Barefoot Flamenco workshops during the weekend.
Performance at the Saturday showcase.

Information and bookings web| www.barefootfestival.com

Barefoot Festival

Sidmouth Folk Week
3-10 August 2012
Sidmouth, Devon, UK

Daily Barefoot Flamenco workshop from Tue 7th to Thur 9th.
Dance display and a chance to meet.

Information and bookings web| www.sidmouthfolkweek.co.uk

Sidmouth Folk Week

St Teresa's Church hall - Barefoot Flamenco workshop - Thursday August 9th 2012

barefoot flamenco workshop in Sidmouth 2012

14-16 September 2012
Jaraiz de la Vera (SPAIN)

Dance Festival in Extremadura.

Flamenco creativo, Flamenco Descalzo, Flamenco Oriental, Danza Oriental...

Information and bookings web| extredanza1.blogspot.com


15-16 December 2012
Arts Educational School, Chiswick, London W4 1LY

|A Cuatro Manos| will teach two workshops and will perform during the Sat night show.
Sat 10-11.30am FlamencOriental: Samai (Level 2/3)
Sat 14-15.30pm Zambra: Blurring Boundaries (Level 3)

Information and bookings: web|www.jwaad.com/fantasia.htm

Logo Fantasia

barefoot flamenco workshop at Fantasia Festival 2012

ZAMBRA: Blurring Boundaries

barefoot flamenco workshop at Fantasia Festival 2012

FlamencOriental: 10 beat rhythm SAMAI

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