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Barefoot Flamenco at International Dance Festivals

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Festival BellyFusions
23-24 January 2010
Paris, France

Held in Paris, the BellyFusions Festival is dedicated to fusions with oriental dances. It offers an eclectic programme of workshops over 2 days as well as a fantastic show and an energetic ending party.
Information and booking web|www.bellyfusions.com

Festival BellyFusions 2010

Sirocco Festival
14-16 May 2010
Frome (Somerset)

A fantastic festival of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Dance in Frome, Somerset.

Show I put a spell on you on Friday evening;
Barefoot Flamenco workshop on Saturday (9.30-12.00).

Information and booking web|www.siroccofestival.org.uk

Logo Sirocco Festival

Logo Serpa 2010 First gathering of Danza Duende®
6-11 July 2010
Serpa, Alentejo, Portugal

Information: www.danzaduende.com
web| duendefestival.blogspot.com
video| SERPA 2010

Sidmouth FolkWeek
30 July-6 August 2010
Sidmouth, Devon

Performance, lecture and Barefoot Flamenco workshops on July 31st, August 1st and 2nd.
Information and tickets
Logo Sidmouth 2010

Blackmore gardens Marquee - Barefoot Flamenco workshop

barefoot flamenco workshop in Sidmouth barefoot flamenco workshop in Sidmouth barefoot flamenco workshop in Sidmouth barefoot flamenco workshop in Sidmouth

Logo Barefoot Festival Barefoot Festival
13-15 August 2010
Mountsorrel, Leicestershire

Performance and Barefoot Flamenco workshop.
Information and tickets

Barefoot Flamenco workshop @ Barefoot Festival on Sunday August 15th 2010

barefoot Flamenco workshop in Mountsorrel

Gypsy Dance Fest Madrid 2010 Madrid, Gypsy Dance Fest, 8-10 October 2010

GYPSY DANCE FEST Jornadas de danzas gitanas y sus evoluciones

Dance workshops conducted by international artists and show in Madrid
Organised by Patricia Álvarez and Carolina Grandela

Information: gypsydancefest@yahoo.es
web| Gypsy Dance Fest

Pink Bellydancing
23-24 October 2010
Denewood Centre, Nottingham

NG8 3DH (Nottinghamshire/East Midlands)

Performance and thematic workshops.
Information and booking

Logo Pink Bellydancing 2010

11-12 December 2010
Arts Educational School

14 Bath Road, Chiswick, London W4 1LY

Dance workshop over two days and Show on Saturday night.
Information and booking

Logo Fantasia 2010

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