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Barefoot Flamenco at International Dance Festivals

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17-19 January 2014
Paris, France

Held in Paris, the BellyFusions Festival is dedicated to fusions with oriental dances. It offers an eclectic programme of 23 dance workshops over 3 days as well as two unique shows.

Information and bookings: web|www.bellyfusions.com

Festival BellyFusions

7th Female Dance Festival
14-16 February 2014
Bochnia, Poland

Bochnia 2014

Dance Festival dedicated to Barefoot Flamenco!

Information and bookings: Amar - Agnieszka Gicala
email| agic@neostrada.pl
tel| +48 503 098 513

11-13 April 2014
Ford Castle (Northumberland, UK)

Four barefoot flamenco workshops over the weekend.
Information and Bookings: Angela Noble
email| angela@tribezuza.co.uk
web| Tribe Zuza

Festival Danses pour tous
14-20 July 2014
Galembrun, Grenade sur Garonne (31330)

Festival Danses pour tous

Participation in the show on Friday night and Barefoot Flamenco dance workshops on Saturday.
Information and bookings: Guillemette
tel| 06 76 74 42 97
web| Festival Danses pour tous
email| contact@festivaldansespourtous.fr
facebook| Festival Danses pour tous

13-14 December 2014
Arts Educational School, Chiswick, London W4 1LY

Two dance workshops and a solo performance during the Sat night show.

Sat 11.15 - 13.15 FLAMENCO and BELLY DANCE FUSION (Level 3)
Put together some mouth-watering recipes by blending these two sizzling styles! Focusing on the differences and similarities between flamenco and belly dance, Valérie will give you the opportunity to learn how to combine one with the other in order to create new shapes, new movements, new patterns. A creative way to enhance your practice, boost your imagination and expand your repertoire!

Sun 9.45 - 11.15 RHYTHM EVERYWHERE! (Level 3)
In this practical workshop inspired by Flamenco technique, see how your feet and hands combine to make sounds and create music! Learn how to 'bodily' play Oriental rhythms such as 2/4 Malfuf - 4/4 Saidi - 8/4 Masmudi - 9/8 Karsilama and 10/8 Samai. We will also use a stick to deepen this percussive practice and, as a group, perform call and answer exercises. Please bring a cane if you have one. Some will be available to borrow.

Information and bookings: web|www.jwaad.com/fantasia.htm

Logo Fantasia


3-6 May 2013
Brighton, England

Dance Festival organised by Hilde Cannoodt.
Programme 2013: Mardi Love, Tjarda Van Straten, Mirjam, Joe Darby, Valerie Romanin, Hilde Cannoodt, Sabio.
Information and bookings: web| www.tribalremix.co.uk

Tribal Remix 2013 Brighton

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