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duo bailaoras descalzas

Barefoot Flamenco workshops organised around the UK:
an annual review

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May 2nd and 3rd 2015, Penzance (Cornwall)

Barefoot Flamenco weekend in Cornwall organized by Liz Newman
Sat 1-5.30pm and Sun 11-3.45pm at Penzance YMCA.

Barefoot Flamenco in Penzance

Intentionally slow
Posture, hands, arms, chest, hips:
Yasmin Levy (CD Mano Suave) Una noche mas
Ana Alcaide (CD La cantiga del fuego) El pozo amargo
Yom (CD Le silence de l'exode) Moise
Dance routine:
Renaud Garcia-Fons (CD Silk Moon) Silk Moon.

Four elements WATER AIR
Improvisation in two groups: Solace (CD The gathering season) Saada
The river:
Philippe et Agnès Reverdy (CD Barre et Milieu La danse de caractère) Révérence dans le style oriental
The air: dance routine using the breath.

Footwork and sophisticated step combos
Warm up: René Aubry (CD Invités sur terre) Soleils
All about feet: The Toids (CD Ruupert dances in Fins) Cocek.

Four elements EARTH FIRE
4/4 SAIDI rhythm
Teresa Salgueiro (CD O Misterio) Lisboa.

Barefoot Flamenco in Penzance May 2015


December 13th-14th 2014: Fantasia Festival, London

Put together some mouth-watering recipes by blending these two sizzling styles! Focusing on the differences and similarities between flamenco and belly dance, Valérie will give you the opportunity to learn how to combine one with the other in order to create new shapes, new movements, new patterns. A creative way to enhance your practice, boost your imagination and expand your repertoire!

Jesse Cook (CD The blue guitar sessions) When night turns to day;
Olivier Daviaud (CD Le Chat du Rabbin) Au café Carbonel;
Renaud Garcia-Fons (CD Méditerranées) Aljamiado;
Ana Alcaide (CD Como la Luna y el Sol) Como la Luna y el Sol.

Fantasia 2014

In this practical workshop inspired by Flamenco technique, see how your feet and hands combine to make sounds and create music. Learn how to 'bodily' play Oriental rhythms such as:
4/4 Saidi;
8/4 Masmudi;
and Samai, a refined 10-beat rhythm which belongs to the classical music repertoire. Samai rhythm is strongly related to Muwashah, a strophic song originated in Al-Andalus (Medieval Moorish Iberian peninsula).
Stick or cane is required to deepen this percussive practice and, as a group, perform call and answer exercises.

Fantasia 2014

Sunday 8th of June: |Tour à tour| London

American Tribal Style® belly dance and Barefoot Flamenco workshop led by Philippa Moirai and Valérie Romanin.

Tour à tour London

Barefoot Flamenco Technique:
Taksim Trio Unutmamalı
Qawwali Flamenco Tango al mar

ATS® Technique:
Gulag Orkestar Beirut
Maghrebi Eliyahu Sills

Our dance routine: Takadum Orchestra (CD Takadrom) Longa Shahinaz.

Tour à tour London 2014

April 11th-13th 2014: Tribal Goddess, Ford Castle, Northumberland UK

Tribal Goddess is a yearly dance retreat organized by Angela and Mark from Tribe Zuza.

Circle...all around
Circle dance: Mori Shej (Gypsy lullaby from Hungary)

Tribal Goddess 2014

The dexterity of a dancer
René Aubry (CD Libre Parcours) Vendredi 13
Fanfare Ciocarlia (CD Queens and Kings) Ma Maren Ma

Tribal Goddess 2014

Samai aflamencado
10/8 rhythm called SAMAI is connected to Al-Andalus (Medieval Moorish Spain).
It belongs to the classical music repertoire.

Tribal Goddess 2014

Fusion: recipes to achieve a convincing mixture!
Renaud Garcia-Fons (CD Méditerranées) Las Ramblas
Vincent Courtois et Gilles Andrieux (CD Turkish Blend) Rue des Abondances.

Tribal Goddess 2014

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