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Spectacle 3x3     [Buenos Aires 2008]    [Paraná 2009]
Tres por Tres, an original world dance show created by Valérie Romanin, Cecilia Mesiano (Sibel) and Carolina Emanuelli.
On stage, three dancers and three musiciens, Lisa Rooney, Claudia Acuña y El Wosso.
Three different dance styles: Bellywood, Barefoot Flamenco and Belly Dance.
A combination of Solos, Duos and Trios.
Performed in Buenos Aires, January 2008.
Costumes by Alejandra Cusa. www.alfarah.net

Carolina Sibel Valerie Romanin 3x3 affiche
Lisa El Wosso Claudia Carolina Emanuelli Sibel Valerie Romanin

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