News from the students is a space dedicated to women who got enthusiastic dancing barefoot flamenco. Here are a few pictures of some of them. First, they were dancing as students, taking part in dance school presentations. footprint Later on, they decided to create their own performances. Very well done! Keep going, the barefoot path is open and I encourage everyone to left some footprints...

Presentation of the Zambra, Teatro Bernasconi, Buenos Aires, December 2007
Zambra Buenos Aires

Amira, Mónica, Marcela, Lisa, Claudia et Rita, barefoot bailaoras performing at Teatro Bernasconi

Eleves Buenos Aires

Gabriela danced a barefoot flamenco's choreography at De Avalon,
Buenos Aires, December 2007

Students' performance, EDVPL, Buenos Aires, December 2004
students_Buenos Aires students_Buenos Aires

students_Buenos Aires

Algarabia gathers three Argentian dancers: Laura Martinez, Carolina Bracco and Yesica Carmona. In 2006, the group created a show blending belly dance and barefoot flamenco in Buenos Aires.
Algarabia_Buenos Aires Algarabia_Buenos Aires

Claudia Acuña, dancing accompanied by Samarkanda, a group of young women who are both dancers and musicians, teatro Boedo XXI, 2006.


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