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Intensive workshop's content

Each intensive workshop aims to introduce participants to Barefoot Flamenco, an artistic expression open to fusion and synthesis. Barefoot Flamenco wishes to come back to the flamenco's roots and therefore puts strong emphasis on Moorish and Gypsy influences. It is an original dance fusion, which combines moves of Flamenco dance, Arabic dance and Gypsy dance in a subtle and creative way.

Designed for a small group, an intensive workshop starts with a brief presentation of each participant in order to create a nice and friendly atmosphere. Dynamic, the course is divided in 5 different parts :

  1. Warm-up using basic postures from Pilates and Yoga. Focus on four main elements : breathing, alignment, balance and gravity;
  2. Rhythmic work : hand-clapping technique, games in pairs or in small groups in order to identify the rhythm (compás), exercises to understand the important notions of beat and off beat (tiempo/contratiempo);
  3. Technical work : posture, hands and arms movements (braceo), movements and steps commonly used in choreographies (marcajes/desplazamientos), turns (giros), transitions (llamada/cierre) and coordination;
  4. Choreography and/or guidelines for improvisation, style (el aire flamenco) and personal expression;
  5. Stretching; final relaxation and feedback.

Target audience and recommendation
Open to women and also to men!
No previous experience in dance is necessary.
Comfortable clothes...and obviously bare feet!!!
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