Barefoot Flamenco intensive workshops organised in London:
an annual review

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Autumn 2006, Saturday 25th of November

We danced a relatively slow Tango flamenco to the beautiful piece of music called Y tu y yo subimos al cielo, by Yasmin Levy (CD La Judería).

Autumn 2006, Saturday 14th of October

We learned a Tango flamenco on the piece of music Noches del malecon created by the argentinian group Sim Pecao (CD Que te muevas).

Barefoot Sevillanas, second half 2006

Barefoot Sevillanas during the Summer 2006. The nice group quickly learnt the first and the second coplas. Then, in the Autumn, the group practised the third and the fourth coplas. Well done, they are ready to take part in any Feria!!!


Summer 2006, Saturday 8th of July

Introduction to Soleá por bulería, dancing to Decidme lo que pasa aqui, by Capullo de Jerez (CD Este soy yo) and improvisation on a Rumba, using a nice music composed by Titi Robin called Ma Gavali (CD Alezane).

Summer 2006, Saturday 24th of June

We built a "patada" of Tango flamenco all together and then danced and explored it in pairs.

Spring 2006, Saturday 13th of May

We danced a choreography on the piece of music Osú by the group Radio Tarifa (CD Cruzando el río).


Winter 2006, Introductory Course, Instituto Cervantes, 18th March

Second barefoot flamenco dance workshop organised by the Anglo-Argentine Society at the Cervantes Institute. Below, the musical references used during this workshop :
Warm-up: Titi Robin CD Ces vagues que l'amour souleve Rovave, sa rovave
Technical work (hands and arms): Vicente Amigo CD Un momento en el sonido Silia y el tiempo
Technical work (steps and turns): Cañadú CD Ojalá Ojalá
Short choreography: Hossam Ramzy and Rafa el Tahuela CD Flamenco Arabe Juntos
Final Relaxation-Despedida: Titi Robin CD Ces vagues que l'amour souleve Amandito

Winter 2006, Introductory Course, Instituto Cervantes, 28th January

The Anglo-Argentine Society (AAS) organized two barefoot flamenco dance workshops at the Cervantes Institute, located 102 Eaton Square (Belgrave Place) London.
Below, the musical references used during the first introductory course :
Warm-up: Montse Cortes CD Alabanza La Noche
Technical work (movement of hands and arms): Ketama CD Karma Africa
Technical work (steps): Tony Gatlif CD Vengo Naci en Alamo
Short choreography: Tony Gatlif CD Exils Noir et Blanc
Final Relaxation-Despedida: Radio Tarifa CD Cruzando el río Gujo Bushi


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